CMMG Dissent MKGS 9mm pistol

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CMMG Dissent MKGS 9mm pistol 6.5” Armor Black

  • 9mm
  • Left Side Charging Handle
  • 6.5″ Barrel
  • Picatinny Brace Adapter
  • TriggerTech Trigger
  • Zeroed Linear Comp
  • 5.50″ M-LOK Handguard
  • 33+1 Glock Magazine

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Chambered in 9mm? Check. Takes Glock magazines? Check. Delivering all the capability the MkGs platform has become renowned for, the 6.5 9mm MkGs DISSENT is one of the most portable PDWs on the market today. Crafted from 7075 T6 Aluminum receivers, the 9mm DISSENT is ruggedly built. All DISSENTs come with a 1913 picatinny rail end cap allowing the attachment of slings, pistol brace, or stock* of your choice. Bolt operation is accomplished via the forward non-reciprocating side charger, allowing for quick use while staying on target.Radial Delayed Blowback Compact Action: 9mm ammo loadings can vary greatly, from supersonic to subsonic. With a wide range of bullet weights comes new engineering challenges in a new platform. The 9mm Radial Delayed Blowback Compact Action addresses these challenges by utilizing a fixed ejector in the upper receiver. Added benefits are a lighter BCG with less felt recoil while providing consistent performance with a wide range of ammo and maintaining lower compatibility with a wider range of lowers. TriggerTech AR-D 2-Stage Trigger: TriggerTechs AR-D trigger was developed in collaboration with CMMG to be fully optimized for use with DISSENT firearms and upper receiver groups. With a 4 lb pull weight, the AR-D trigger showcases a light, repeatable break. CMMG does not guarantee optimal DISSENT functionality with Mil-spec or other aftermarket triggers.


  • MODEL: Dissent MKGS

    TYPE: Pistol


    FINISH: Black

    BARREL: 6.5”

    UPC: 810103470125

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